Our latest Bulletin: Staying Agile: Innovating and adapting in a rapidly changing market.

The world is changing so rapidly that disruptions to the norm now are… the norm! The past six years seem especially transformative. Compared to pre-pandemic times, so much is different; we're seeing the digitization of seemingly everything, AI has gone mainstream, the geopolitical and economic landscape is shifting continuously, and how we work is ever-evolving.

Now multiply those years by 10 and that’s how long Crown Worldwide has been riding the sea of change. Over those 59 years, the evolution of customers’ needs is hard to fathom. Through it all, Crown has continuously adapted to help customers.

In honor of this anniversary, in January, Crown’s Executive Leadership team convened in Japan. This is where Crown started and is also symbolic of a society that marries traditional values with tremendous invention. There, we acknowledged Crown’s history of employing great people and being customer focused. We also leaned into our entrepreneurial spirit, as we prepare for greater diversification and innovation of services to help clients in new and better ways.

Working with hundreds of diverse clients around the globe in a variety of service areas brings perspective. This is what we share with you in this issue of the Bulletin. We know you will enjoy these insights as you navigate through rapidly changing times. It is a showcase of our continual evolution – and our collaboration with businesses to solve some of the most pressing challenges of the day.

In this first Bulletin of the year, we are excited to share our annual trends guide from our World Mobility business titled, Global Mobility Trends for 2024, which features four articles that shed light on some of the most important developments in the international mobility sector.

We have also shared insights and information from across our brands including:
Computer screen with the image of a report on Global Mobility Trends on it

Global mobility trends 2024: from AI to assignment apathy

Our annual trends guide features four articles, covering some of the most important developments in the international mobility sector in 2024. From implementing AI into corporate relocation programs to prioritizing wellbeing and ensuring "the human" and their needs become central to policies, discover the trends that are shaping the mobility industry.

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