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    Relocating is a team effort. Whether it's just you, or your whole family, having a professional company onside makes everyone's move a success. At Crown we will be with you all the way, and if it matters to you, it matters to us.
    We are enthusiastic champions of relocation benefits. And we know what makes it work, we've been moving families for almost 60 years! 
    The more you know – and the better prepared you are – the more likely a relocation will be a success.  

    Be it a local, domestic or international relocation, our Move Managers oversee every aspect to ensure a smoother, simpler move. They offer advice that stems from formalities and procedures to first-hand guidance on capturing the magic of exploring a new location.  

    Relocating can be a change that invigorates and uncovers new possibilities.  

    World Mobility

    Employee mobility is far from one-size-fits-all – and each component of an assignment should fit with the next to create a seamless experience.
    With the scale and capacity to handle global and domestic relocation and mobility programs, Crown World Mobility partners with corporations managing their global talent.  

    Organizations around the world look to World Mobility to design and implement tailored solutions that support their relocating employees, helping them to enjoy the experience and perform better – wherever their work takes them.  

    Our mix of in-house delivery and selected service partners can coordinate the simplest moves to the most complex mobility requirements. 

    Records Management

    Every organization can perform better by being in complete control of the information it creates, processes, preserves and destroys.
    Maximizing the value of corporate memory is essential.  

    Our new generation facilities located around the world set the highest standards in security, safety and work-flow efficiency, providing storage solutions for hard copy and digital files – all readily accessible and placed on an audit trail.  

    Using our information management consultancy services means organizations can manage the practicalities, legalities and risks of coping with increasing quantities of data.  

    We partner with the financial services, healthcare, legal, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries and many public sector organizations, ensuring they have full control of their critical information.  


    A tailored approach to commercial relocations.
    Crown Workspace is dedicated to consistently supporting clients’ workplace needs as they change and grow, providing a bespoke solution for all types of offices and workplaces around the globe. 

    The main objective is to ensure the client experiences minimal downtime, minimizes risks and to ensure essential services continue to function throughout the project, while delivering new workspace benefits that help to ensure business locations are more environmentally friendly, efficient and able to facilitate high performance and productivity. 

    Fine Art

    Caring for works of art requires special skill, passion and real commitment from everyone.
    We ensure safe transportation and handling of artworks for the world's art galleries, auction houses, private collectors and museums.  

    At the heart of Fine Art are specialists with a dedication and passion for the fine art business – everyone involved has the skills and experience to ensure the safety of the art in their care.  

    Coordinating touring exhibitions, transporting individual works or whole collections, while always providing the highest standards of care – Crown Fine Art transports art safely around the world.  

    It takes a personal approach to every project.  


    In the fashion, cosmetics and luxury hotels world, clients’ expectations are extremely high – their customers expect top quality, so insist upon it all the way up the supply chain.
    A combination of niche market expertise and in-depth customer knowledge is the foundation to a partnership approach that generates trust and consistent performance.  

    Well established, high-end brands in the fashion, cosmetics, health products and luxury hotel industries, can discover more possibilities to grow their business and add value to their customers.
    There is no single solution. Delivering customized, guaranteed high quality to those who demand nothing less is priority.  

    Wine Cellars

    Acknowledged as one of, if not the, world’s finest wine cellar facility, Crown Wine Cellars is dedicated to the meticulous handling, storage, long-term maturation and ultimate enjoyment of wine.
    Nestled in a lush forest in an exclusive suburb in Hong Kong, this once dilapidated former military site boasts six pristine underground cellars and a private members clubhouse.  

    The bunkers are located 20 meters underground and enjoy secure construction, controllable humidity and temperature, as well as zero exposure to sunlight.  

    Crown Wine Cellars features a sluice door/air lock system, computerized climate control as well as introducing state-of-the-art security systems. These essential fine wine cellar conditions come together in virtual textbook perfection ensuring that all wines cellared at Crown Wine Cellars enjoy unsurpassed provenance. 

    During the UNESCO-awarded restoration of the site, two of the original bunkers were converted into a clubhouse and a newly constructed glass conservatory was added, making this the only genuine underground private members’ club in Hong Kong.