Making it simpler to relocate with confidence

As moving can be a stressful and complicated life event, Crown created a free guide to help everyone relocate with confidence.
With more than 55 years’ experience, Crown moves tens of thousands of families to new locations every year. Being a company with such a rich and diverse move heritage has helped us cultivate a deep understanding of the challenges, and opportunities, associated with internationally relocating.

As moving can be a stressful and complicated life event, Crown created a free guide to help everyone relocate with confidence. Uniquely, this guide was created in tandem with Dr Alesia Moulton-Perkins (Clinical Psychologist), Melody Warnick (author of This is Where you Belong: Finding Home Wherever You Are), and Dhyan Summers (Expat Counselling and Coaching).

The psychological impact of moving internationally

In the guide, Dr Alesia Moulton-Perkins offers guidance on the experience of psychological ‘place attachment’. It was discovered that one of the biggest concerns before moving to a new location was the possibility of encountering a language barrier. One of the tips provided within this guide surrounds how creating the right mindset towards your new home will help adjusting to the cultural changes. As the guide suggests, this can be resolved by finding ways to create cultural bonds to the new home. To start creating an attachment to a new home, the following should be considered:
  1. Explore your surroundings
  2. Accept invitations to connect with local people
  3. Find out about the local culture
  4. Create the right mindset
  5. Create community connections
‘Place attachment’ can occur anywhere we live and have an impact on our outlook on the world and the attitudes we have. It can also influence our preferred leisure activities, career aspirations and the way we raise our families. This is why it is essential, in order to relocate with confidence, that you do so with people supporting you every step of the way.

Go knowing and start living

When relocating to a new place it is important to understand how to prioritize your most important needs. Our guide covers seven questions everyone should consider before moving to a new location to help them prepare pragmatically as well as mentally. These questions cover factors such as language, understanding what makes you happy, the expat community, transportation, entertainment, sporting life, and climate.

Once these questions have been answered, it will be easier to determine the key relocation services required to make the move a success, which includes getting settled at the new location. Some of the destination support services that are often critical include;
  • School search: Providing up-to-date advice on schooling, day care and pre-school.
  • Partner support: Helping partners also settle into the new environment, including; resume writing, interview coaching and personal interests.
  • Immigration Services: Guidance through immigration requirements and the whole process.
  • Orientation: Organization of orientation trips to help your family familiarize yourself with the new location.
  • Housing: Helping you learn more about your new area including any local services.
  • Intercultural Training: Understanding the behavior and etiquette of the new location.

Sherry Liu, Group Vice President Crown Relocations, commented as follows, “We know adding an international dimension to a relocation magnifies both the complexity and anxiety associated with moving home. However, answering some simple questions upfront and then carefully selecting a considerate relocation company, who can cover all your needs, can help ensure you ultimately move with confidence. After all life doesn’t stop when you move home”.

Part of Crown Worldwide Group, Crown Relocations makes it simpler to move home to more than 150 countries around the world. Managed by a team of experts, our approach encompasses the necessary formalities and procedures, but extends to firsthand guidance that can enable you to capture the magic of exploring a new location. This is achieved through the management of the whole relocation process - helping minimize the upheaval regardless of the reason for the move.

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