Making it simpler to reduce the environmental impact of the workplace

Sustainability has been at the forefront of our Crown Workspace business over the past ten years, driven by a desire to make it simpler to drive sustainability through the workplace.
Every year, companies increasingly aim to achieve optimal environmental sustainability, allowing them to reduce their impact on the environment. A growing area of focus recently has been the creation of more sustainable workspaces, and not only during periods of workplace change such as an office relocation. The need to remove, reinstate, recycle, or repurpose unwanted assets is a constant challenge and often finding the right solutions can be time consuming and complicated.  Especially where organizations lack their own in-house capability or resources to invest time and effort on a continual basis.

As a specialist logistics company who offer office relocations, design, consultations and more, we not only understand the drivers and solutions, but have deep experience developing tailored solutions for a wide array of organizations. It’s true no two organizations are the same. Sustainability has been at the forefront of our Crown Workspace business over the past ten years, driven by a desire to make it simpler to drive sustainability through the workplace.

This includes the provision of three unique programs within the U.K. and New Zealand, designed to help others reduce their impact on the environment. The Giving Back Project, the Renew Center, and Office Resale.

The Giving Back Project

In 2011, Crown Workspace in the U.K. began the “Giving Back Project” which has since provided over 20,000 items of furniture to charity partners. This project has allowed clients to give back by donating items from office clearances to save over 30 tonnes of waste from landfill sites in 2018/19 alone. But more than making it simpler for clients to donate unwanted office furniture, this initiative also helps the most vulnerable in our society through a whole host charity partners.

The Renew Center

Alongside the Giving Back Project, we also introduced our state-of-the-art Renew Center. Making it simpler for companies to have their office assets remanufactured, refurbished, and repaired at a fraction of the cost of buying new.
One of the functions introduced to further improve the capabilities of the Renew Center was the Cabinet Vision software introduced in 2018. Within one year, this software helped to save 1.36 tonnes of chipboard by producing 28 bespoke items. Indeed, in 2019 we were very proud to have been chosen by IKEA’s design team as center of learning on furniture remanufacturing. 

Office Resale

On top of these methods used to reduce corporate impact on the environment, in the U.K. we also offer an affordable method for brands to acquire high-quality, used office furniture.
Office Resale helps those that are looking to reduce their corporate impact on the environment by providing a range of sustainable services for furniture and office equipment. This includes an online retail hub, where upcycled and reconditioned furniture items can be purchased directly. This has been especially useful for business seeking to economically assist their employees to work remotely.

Making sustainable solutions to make it simpler

These programs were designed to offer a suite of sustainable solutions for companies, so they no longer need to pursue these avenues independently.  Making it simpler for all forms of organization to remove, reinstate, recycle, or repurpose all forms of unwanted assets. Alongside these programs, recycling solutions are being deployed through our other locations.  

Phil Oram, Regional Director for Crown Workspace, commented as follows; “It’s never been more important to embed sustainable principles into all aspects of workspaces. Customers, employers, and shareholder expectations are increasing. But often we hear it’s difficult for companies to drive sustainability independently and that’s driven these unique programs, which combined provide an array of opportunities to organizations to reduce their impact on the environment, both today and tomorrow”.
Crown Workspace creates inspiring, productive working environments, optimizing workspaces of any size or scope. From offices to laboratories, each project is unique. We take care of everything, from interior design and fit out, to relocation and storage, helping organizations to sustainably stay ahead of ever-evolving ways of working. It has a global footprint with many of our locations offering sustainable solutions and support business.

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