Launch of our annual Sustainability Report 2023

We are proud to launch our latest, annual Sustainability Report, documenting the work undertaken and results achieved in the areas of environment, social and governance in 2022.
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Sustainability at Crown is evolving, and the report showcases how...

As a company, we have an incredibly strong legacy in “giving back”. And this report details where we have continued that great work, donating to and supporting charities and local communities, through 2022. 

It also highlights more of the excellent work we’ve undertaken to foster an inclusive, equitable and diverse workplace in every territory, and our continued focus on providing opportunity and development for our people. 

But, while we’re rightly proud of these achievements, we recognize our need to drive far greater impact through our business activities. In recent years, the effects of climate change have become more obvious with every disastrous flood, wildfire, and storm.

That is why sustainability has become a strategic priority for us. We understand that it’s imperative we take fast action to do more and play a bigger role in protecting and preserving the climate and environment, and in doing so build on the areas of sustainability in which we have always been so strong. 

So in addition to sharing our efforts around community engagement, supporting our people and operating ethically, this report explains in more detail than ever how we’re doing more, building on progress we’ve already made to protect and enhance the environment; how we’ve been laying the groundwork to set a net zero target, how we’re harnessing our values and our people to increase our impact, and empower them to contribute.

To that end, in this year’s report we have outlined progress under three headings: Climate & Environment, People & Business, and Community, making it simpler to tell our story around sustainability.