Launch of Crown Worldwide Group’s Global Sustainability Report for 2024

We are delighted to present our Global Sustainability Report for 2024, which looks back at our progress in the areas of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) in 2023. 

We have a six-decade legacy of giving back to our communities and championing diversity, equity and inclusion as we’ve built and developed a talented and engaged workforce, but 2023 saw us build on that further. 

We expedited our work to decarbonize operations through an approach built on data, investment and empowerment, while continuing to make progress in the areas of social impact and governance.

Our Sustainability Steering Committee, led by Group ESG Director, Joy Lam, played a pivotal role in defining this approach, empowered by the Executive Board’s decision once again to prioritize sustainability as a key strategic objective. This has led to a comprehensive program of education and data collection, which has guided our decarbonization strategy – leading to compilation of a carbon footprint which encompasses more than 60 per cent of the company.

We have also worked to transform our reporting approach. For the first time, this report integrates global reporting frameworks, making reference to GRI, CSRD, Ecovadis, and others. Through an ongoing materiality process, we are able to provide a higher quality overview of our progress, with greater transparency and coverage of key quantitative metrics. 

These practices have now been integrated into the business globally, becoming essential across the regions and industries in which we operate.

Jennifer Harvey, Crown Worldwide Group CEO, said: “I’ve been struck by the immense energy, passion, and willingness of our teams to rise to the challenges that delivering on a world-class sustainability agenda creates. 

“We often hear of misalignment in organizations between core functions – but at Crown, finance, IT, HR, marketing, operations and sales are all working as one. Our country  leaders are inspiring their teams to go further and faster, using data to inform investment and innovation. 

“Our diverse team has overcome plenty of big challenges over the last six decades and we have much to celebrate with our 60th anniversary on the horizon. But as we move forward, we will – in collaboration with our clients, partners and myriad other stakeholders – continue decarbonizing our operations, while ensuring we continue to have the most positive impact on all of society.”

How to use this report?

The report is simply structured into the three pillars of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG), detailing our progress in each of those areas.

In the introduction section, you will find a summary of our progress in 2023, including key highlights for each of the three pillars. 

There is a handy GRI index at the back of the report to help you find the information you need.

Watch our video for a summary of the key report highlights.