The Bulletin: Reflecting on 2023 and looking ahead to 2024: Success, Lessons and Growth

The end of the year is an excellent time for some reflection and future-gazing. In many ways 2023 was a year of “normalization” after several years of impacts wrought by the pandemic. In January, the last remaining international travel restrictions were lifted, the post-pandemic bounce in demand was suppressed by inflation-busting interest rate rises, and more staff around the world began returning to the office.

There was a “normalization”, too, of business challenges and priorities. This included a renewed focus on sustainability and grappling with more technological innovation; OpenAI's generative tool, ChatGPT had us all thinking about how best to leverage its power. And we all restored a close watch on how political volatility might impact businesses the world-over. 

So, while people and organizations bear the scars and transformational legacy of the pandemic, mercifully, your focus and ours now lies elsewhere, but on a global landscape that looks quite different than it did three years ago.

Crown hasn’t been isolated from any of the above, and it was a sad year for us with the passing of our great friend and CEO Ken Madrid. BUt we've emerged stronger through these changes. It was an opportunity for people to step up, join forces and innovate – all things we want to continue. The commitment and engagement of our people is truly humbling.

As Crown enters its 60th year (!!) , we look forward to collective growth, both in client and partner relationships as well as our own businesses. We will work collaboratively, facing up to economic headwinds, while driving service excellence and maximizing positive impact – for our people, our clients, the environment, and our communities.

In this edition of the Bulletin, we share the third and final report in Crown World Mobility's three-part knowledge series, Mobility Matters: Is relocation still a tool for improving employee engagement? This instalment focusses on employee wellbeing challenges that may arise during and after a relocation.

We are also sharing insights and information from across our brands including:
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Mobility Matters: Is relocation still a tool for improving employee engagement?

Our third report in this three-part knowledge series on the evolving global mobility landscape sheds light on wellbeing challenges experienced by assignees, and how this is balanced with an improved quality of life. The first and second reports are also available for download.

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