The Bulletin: Making it Simpler: helping people and companies thrive and grow in an ever-changing world.

We live in a world characterized by complexity: macroeconomic volatility, geopolitical uncertainty, everchanging legislation, regulation and deregulation, decarbonization, technological disruption, new ways of working – the list is endless.

That’s why we set about, through our very purpose, to make it simpler to live, work, and do business anywhere in the world. In this past month, we have sought to reinforce that approach to our people, coming together through various sessions to revitalize and refocus on helping all our clients navigate endless complexity.

What does this look like in reality? It means helping you overcome the hurdles to digitalization with our Records Management brand, it means the World Mobility team working with you to relocate, settle and upskill employees on assignment, it means ensuring your precious art is moved from A to B safely and securely by our Fine Art experts, and that our Workspace team help you relocate to and create workspaces that enhance productivity.

Everything we do for our clients involves conquering complication brought about by red tape, logistics or change, to make doing business or relocating a whole lot easier.

Many of our articles in this edition speak to the idea of making the complex, simpler and explore opportunities to tackle the common challenges we face in a rapidly changing world. We bring you insights and information from across our brands including:
laptop with a report on Mobility Matters on the screen

Mobility Matters: Is relocation still a tool for improving employee engagement? - Crown World Mobility

The first in a three-part series our Crown World Mobility experts set out to learn more about how mobility is being used today as a tool for employee engagement. They conferred with HR managers around the world to understand the challenges they are experiencing in relation to mobility - and to reveal the views of their assignees.
man sitting before a laptop in an office

ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence: Its potential role in office moves, refurbishments and redesign

We are continuing to keep a close eye on the growth and use of AI in business. In this article, our Crown Workspace team explore the advantages, limitations, and the potential next steps of integrating artificial intelligence into office design projects.
photo of an art work

Four things to consider when moving your artwork overseas

Moving overseas with precious pieces of art can be a complex process. Our in-house experts from Crown Fine Art dip into their vast experience of taking care of valuable artwork, including for museums and galleries, to offer their advice on how to manage this seamlessly. 
screen with the word Security and a cursor on it

Demystifying the DPDP: How strict is India's Digital Personal Data Protection Act?

In this article, our experts from Crown Records Management explore India’s proposed Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (DPDP Bill) to understand its potential impact, and how our expertise in information management can help your organization navigate this change. 
Man showing a woman a house

Housing: tackling the assignee accommodation challenge in APAC

Our team at Crown World Mobility have gathered insights from global mobility and housing experts around the world to explore the state of assignee housing in 2023. This first blog post in the series, focusses on the situation in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.