Crown Global Business Services in the Philippines is a young center, but it has been in a  journey- from renting a small office space into transferring into quite a futuristic office- very telling of how these hubs and centers are really the future of Crown and of the industry, into the challenge of transitioning accounts from across the globe in the middle of pandemic.

The pandemic as unprecedented as it was, is being dealt with strength and optimism of these young professionals. The test of business continuity plans being executed at a rather rapid speed of weeks instead of years of preparation. We were able to make it happen- from 70% to a full 95% ability to work remotely in matter of couple of weeks.

Continuous adaptation to the government’s declaration of Modified Community Quarantine, to General Quarantine slowly easing into the society, into the office. The situation is new, the virus is unknown and real. But we brave this new conditions and social restrictions.

  • The center Implemented Safety Measures and Protocols.
  • Continuous discussion, communication with the center’s managers, leads and staff on how we can support them into this new normal.
  • Small acts such to show our support such  as  issuing a “ Stronger Together Crown Jackets and gift certificates “ to those who continued to try reporting to work amidst this pandemic, being out braving the commuting conditions. Slowly we built up on our return to our workplace.
  • Our teams have reviewed process streamlining, proposed for internal projects to activate our Purpose in the middle of our fight to adapt to this crisis. Taking part in truly knowing Why we do what we do from top to the rest of the organization.

As we faced the "New Normal" of 2021- the center have picked up various activities as our semblance of normalcy- redefining what our workplace should look like, now.

  • Action for Happiness in January where we asked team members to find 3-good things they look forward to 2021, do something physically active and put away their digital devices and focus on being in the moment.
  • Decorating the office for Valentine’s for the month of February – allowing that vibe and atmosphere to come back to us. Collecting that happiness from being back together.
  • Emphasizing our thrust on Mental Health and Employee Well-Being this year, Annual Physical Exam was held to make sure we have those pit stops in everybody’s health, follow up on where we need to on our health.
  • We have lined up various trainings, soft skills  and development for our leaders to equip them in their critical roles leading and motivating the team members as part of our direction in Developing a Learning Organization Mindset. These are in mixes of webinars and  face to face workshops to help our team members navigate their difficult discussions, handling their customers and most importantly their well-being.

We will continue to pick up on these priority drivers: Talent Development, Engagement, Mental Health and Well-Being. We will continue to look into our own processes and systems to serve and live purpose of Making it simpler to Live, Work and Do business anywhere in the world – for our customers. We will continue to serve our customers, continue reviewing where we can make processes and practices simpler, we will learn how we can Adapt to New Ways of Working as a center and as a company. We will continue to find ways to support our line managers and team members and our customers and business leaders through the new ways of working amidst the pandemic and into adapting to the future of the workplace post pandemic.

We will continue to pick up the lessons we have learned from this human crisis- what used to be an everyday expectation and taken for granted before the pandemic hit us, is now cause for celebration and worthy of note – being able to talk to our colleagues in person, able to laugh at common jokes as a group. Our relationships will be more important, employees well-being more critical, employee experience a priority.

The GBS PH Center has seen challenges but found threads in tapestries of our common goal of emerging stronger amidst our trials and adventures.

Filipino resiliency at its pure form, adapting and living in these new times.