Caring for works of art requires special skills and real commitment from everyone.

We ensure safe transportation and handling of artworks for the world's art galleries, auction houses, private collectors and museums.

At the heart of Fine Art are specialists with a dedication and passion for the fine art business – everyone involved has the skills and experience to ensure the safety of the art in their care.

Coordinating touring exhibitions, transporting individual works or whole collections, while always providing the highest standards of care – transporting art safely around the world.

It takes a personal approach to every project.

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Event: Crown Fine Art partners with…

Fine Art Asia 2018, Asia’s leading fine art fair that showcases world’s most renowned galleries, Asian and Western antiques, jewelry, antique silver and timepieces, modern and contemporary art and design. Crown Fine Art has proudly been the official logistic services partner with Fine Art Asia since 2006. 

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