Refresh, Relocate or Remove

How do you evolve your physical workspace to ensure your people remain inspired?
At Crown we have always believed that people and workspaces are the two biggest investments that organizations make, and together are key to inspiring better performance.

And even though the world of work has fundamentally changed over the past 18 months, this absolutely remains the case.
As the world slowly opens up again, and employees start to return to the workplace in many locations, all employers across the globe are facing a critical decision: How do you evolve your physical workspace to ensure your people remain inspired?

For many companies, their workspace will simply need a refresh - especially as they become primary hubs for physical collaboration. For other organizations, they will need to relocate their workspaces altogether - perhaps to downsize, upsize or reflect changes in their business models. Whereas for others, they will seek to remove their physical workspace altogether, fuelled by new collaboration technologies.

It’s very clear that a crossroads is fast approaching for most companies and that response needs to be carefully tailored to each company’s unique circumstances. This is the topic of Crown’s latest whitepaper below. It provides a multi-region overview of the key considerations and outlines how we can help ensure you make the best choice for your business.

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