Our latest customer bulletin - Prioritizing People – Inside and Outside

What does it mean to prioritize people within and outside your organisation?

We often talk about putting people at the heart of everything we do. A lot of this involves focusing in on our customers. From understanding their needs at the first instance to simplifying complex processes for them at a business level. 

There’s another dimension to prioritizing people though, and that’s internal. You may have seen a report from Bloomberg that the workplace is “increasingly defined by uncertainty”. If there ever was a reason to think about how we’re all talking to, surveying, managing and more broadly engaging with our staff, it’s now. After all, study after study has underscored how critical a motivated workforce is for productivity. HR is going to play a much more important role in this moving forward. 

We are all part of organizations, large and small. However, every business relationship is “person to person” on some level: from the highest levels of decision making, to the everyday tasks of managing accounts, to simply ensuring there’s coffee in the office kitchen. 

In this edition of our online bulletin, we look at insights from across Crown:
  1. Making the big decision on where your employees will work
  2. Five steps to simplifying HR
  3. Human-centric mobility programmes
  4. Tomorrow’s Workspaces Today
  5. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion week

Making the big decision on where your employees will work

The post pandemic workplace is rapidly evolving and most organisations are grappling with the big decision on where employees will work. Communicate and listen to your employees whatever path you take. We highlight some of the key factors to consider for success. Read More

Five steps to simplifying HR

Simple, streamlined HR processes are vital to retaining staff and keeping them happy. Where is your organization on its simplification journey? Read More 

Human-centric mobility programmes

Are you looking for a human-centric mobility partner who will put your people first? Our guide can help you write an RFP that covers all the bases. Read More

Tomorrow’s Workspaces Today

Our latest whitepaper explores how to build a flexible future together as employers decide where their employees will be working in the coming years and what it will mean for mobility teams. Download Whitepaper    

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion week

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) are part of the DNA of Crown Worldwide Group and we are committed to enabling our diverse organization to embrace a more equitable and inclusive culture. Read More