Introducing CrownCast

A new podcast brought to you by Crown Worldwide Group

Whether you’re moving overseas with your family, relocating employees on assignment, moving your organisation’s workplace, or transporting and storing high value art or information, logistics in the modern world is complex. 

Our new podcast brings you expert voices, to share insight, discuss trends and offer practical advice - all with a view to making it simpler for you to live, work and do business anywhere in the world.

Listen now, wherever you get your podcasts:

Episode Three

To mark and celebrate International Women's month, we assembled a panel of women who work across Crown Worldwide Group's family of global businesses, to discuss how women can and do navigate the opportunities and challenges in the modern world of work. 

In part one of a two-part CrownCast special, Reema Prabhakar is joined by Jo Danehl, Sherry Liu and Jacqueline Bird to discuss relocation and assignments, cultural differences, career breaks and returning to work. In part-two, the panel explore work-life balance, the evolution of the physical workplace itself and discuss their aspirations for the future. 

Episode two

In this episode, we’re talking about sustainability, just one of the things that’s making moving stuff that little bit more complicated. 

Not unlike most organizations around the world, Crown is very advanced in some areas of sustainability but in others it’s at a relatively early point in its journey. And just like many of those other organizations – and indeed individuals – we’re acting with urgency to deliver greater impact, while grappling with the myriad challenges that that entails – none of which are exclusive to Crown or any one organization. 

Crown Worldwide Group's ESG Director, Joy Lam, shares her experiences, discusses the challenges, the opportunities and more. 

Episode one

 In the first episode, we explore how to make overseas relocation a success.

Most of us know that moving to a new house on the same street can be stressful, let alone making a life changing move abroad. So what can you do to reduce the stress and ramp up the simplicity when it comes to moving overseas?

Serial relocator and Managing Director of Crown Worldwide Group's business units in New Zealand, Leon Hulme shares his own experiences and provides a raft of tips and tricks, useful for anyone relocating in the near future, for whatever reason.