Crown's CSR 2021

While the pandemic made it difficult for us to get involved in as many activities, our people have remained committed to giving back.
When Crown Worldwide was founded, charitable giving was put at the heart of the business. Over the past 56 years, the importance of helping others within Crown has spread across more than 50 countries. While the pandemic made it difficult for us to get involved in as many activities, our people have remained committed to giving back.

At the start of 2021, Crown South Africa took part in a fundraising event for CHOC’s Annual Flip Flop Day which supports the well-being of children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer or life-threatening blood disorders and their families. The team based in South Africa wore flip-flops for a day to support these children and show their commitment alongside the rest of the nation.
In August, Crown took part in a range of wellness initiatives during Health and Safety at Work Week. Staff based in Hong Kong filled their office with 140 ice pops to help others cool down throughout the day. These were distributed between both office and warehouse staff with Josephine Law, Training Officer, stating “we all need ice pops to cool down and stay at the right temperature in the hot summer!” And in Brazil, staff took part in organized sessions surrounding nutrition, mental health, physical activity, and relaxation. Luiza Carvalho, Mobility Advisor, led these sessions saying her purpose “was to approach health issues in a clear and objective way. I believe that I have reached my goal of encouraging change in terms of eating healthy, mental health awareness, and practicing physical activities”. 
As part of Crown’s commitment to CSR, all staff are given two paid volunteer days annually to help them contribute to a cause close to their heart. For Jessie De Ryck, Corporate Sales Senior Consultant, this meant spending the day assisting at her daughter’s school’s fundraising event for diabetes and breast cancer. Jessie said “volunteering for this event gave me an opportunity to give my support in honor of my dad and husband who lost their fight against cancer and my mom who is doing so well in managing her diabetes. I am grateful that I got the chance to spend time with my daughter and teach her the value of kindness”.

Crown staff also came together to complete an 8 km trail in support of the Society of Hospice Care in Hong Kong. Maurice Wong, HR Manager, commented on this day by saying, “being able to participate in Crown’s CSR activity is a triple win for my health and fitness, giving back to the community, and employer branding”. In our Prague office, Johan Cheikh, EMEA Regional Hub Training Manager, organized for staff and their families to clean up a local park as part of World Clean Up Day. Johan said that he organized this CSR activity “because I wish to raise awareness around environmental challenges of our colleagues and even more of their kids. They will inherit our earth. The sooner they know how to respectfully treat it, the sooner they will base their decisions on their experience”.
Crown’s London-based marketing team also spent one of their volunteering days in a local area helping to restore an old boating lake alongside Friends of Broomfield Park. Emma Stewart-Oram, Marketing Intern, explained more about the day by saying “our day began by being shown around Broomfield Park and learning its rich history surrounding how the area was once used and future plans for the restoration of this park. From here, we spent the day in the mud and rain working in the old boating pond. It was an amazing experience getting to see how our efforts will make an impact in the future of Broomfield Park and getting to learn a few gardening tricks along the way!” 

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