Crown implements ePacking

ePacking is a digital inventory solution that uses photos and barcoded labels to capture accurate inventories.
The use of technology to increase efficiency and reduce costs is all around us.  At Crown, we’ve been experimenting with new ways to digitalize Crown’s transportation process and provide a better packing experience for our crews and customers.    Over the past year, we have been working to implement ePacking throughout the world.    

What is ePacking?

ePacking is a digital inventory solution that uses photos and barcoded labels to capture accurate inventories.  Using an iOS device and barcode scanner we can capture a customer’s inventory digitally – with each package being carefully labelled and its contents accurately recorded. It enables us to use photography to record details of pre-existing damage to belongings, providing peace of mind for our customers and security. For Crown and our Service Partners, that means an increased audit and compliance trail. 

Items are classified by room and placed into boxes which are then electronically tagged. Following completion of packing, the inventory is signed off by the customer and crew on the device; then immediately downloaded to Crown’s internal systems. This is particularly helpful in remote locations, or where packing crews are assigned to multiple tasks.   
Scanning functionality means that each stage of a shipment is recorded, reducing the chances items being lost in transit.  Delivery crews can focus on unpacking items more efficiently, referring to photos taken at origin if required.   What are the benefits we’ve seen so far?

  • Greater efficiency – crews have become adept in the use of the technology and this has improved productivity, removing unnecessary paperwork. 
  • Reduced claims – digital oversight over the condition of a customer’s items before the move begins reduces bogus insurance claims.
  • Inventory accuracy – reducing the possibility of human error.
  • Environmentally friendly – the days of printing multiple copy inventory documents will disappear. 
  • Peace of mind – customers can rest assured that all their belongings sit in a digital inventory and are scanned at every point of their journey.

Success stories

ePacking has exceeded our expectations, resulting in the reduction of losses in transit and claims against damages. We have received much positive feedback from both crews who use the platform and customers who appreciate the extra transparency.   
Crown is delighted with the success of the trials and system development and we will continue to develop the ePacking platform. Our plans include support for multiple languages, the ability to record residence and floor conditions within the customer’s sign-off agreement and much more. 

We are now ready to onboard our Service Partners around the world to embrace this new technology and join us in making a major leap in improving customer experience.

Want to discuss how to implement ePacking throughout your business? Click here to get in touch with Stuart Lawson, Global Alliance Manager, who can help guide you.