2021 Crown Worldwise Awards

Join us in congratulating the 2021 winners of these prestigious Crown Worldwise Awards.
Winners for the 2021 Crown Worldwide Awards were selected from more than 1,350 nominations across our Group, all of whom were deemed to have best exhibited our Values and Purpose. These annual awards reflect Crown’s five core values: Caring, Determined, Open-Minded, Sharing, and There. They are pinnacle of our internal recognition efforts as our values guide and inform everything we do as a business: from how we treat each other, to how we work with clients, and how we search for future talent. Combined they help bring our Purpose to life; making it simpler to live, work, and do business anywhere in the world.

Join us in congratulating the 2021 winners of these prestigious Crown Worldwise Awards.

The “Giving Back” Award | Caring

The “Giving Back” award recognizes those that go out of their way to make the world around them a better place. Through this demonstration of outstanding commitment to the company CSR program and local communities. Lisa Graziosi, Client Services Manager, North America, was selected as the winner of this award, which also represents the Crown value of ‘Caring’.

The “Strive to Succeed” Award | Determined

This award for “Strive to Succeed” recognizes those that have shown perseverance in demanding situations by showing the Crown value of ‘Determined’. Daniel Chan, Sales Manager, Hong Kong, was awarded for showing his determination towards his work in the face of adversity and always striving to take on new projects and opportunities.

The “Outside the Box” Award | Open-Minded

The “Outside the Box” award recognizes employees who have initiated a new way of doing things resulting in a positive impact on the company’s performance. Mien Duc Tran, Financial Analyst, Prague, was announced as the winner for finding ways to make his work more efficient and reflecting the Crown value of ‘Open-Minded’.

The “Great Communicator” Award | Sharing

Through the “Great Communicator” award, employees are recognized as someone who goes out of their way to help others do their jobs by sharing information and passing on best practice. The winner of this award was Jocelyn Duyag, IT Support Analyst, Manila, who demonstrated the company value of ‘Sharing’ by utilizing internal platforms to bring engaging communication to all staff on technical topics that might be of interest.

The “I’ll be There” Award | There

The “I’ll be There” award recognizes long-term, dedicated service to Crown, truly being “there” for clients, colleagues, and management. A “Committed Crowner” is one who has embraced change, overcome troubled times, made themselves available whenever needed and has devoted their time and energy to help Crown meet its goals. Monalisa Panoa, Project Supervisor, Auckland, won this award for exhibiting dedication to her clients and colleagues.

These awards are an annual event at Crown. Candidates are nominated by colleagues and the final winners are selected by members of our board.