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Crown's Golden Relay
Crown's Golden Relay
Crown's Golden Relay
Crown's Golden Relay

Our birthday gift to communities

We celebrated our 50th anniversary in February 2015. To commemorate this milestone, Crown teams from nearly 60 countries took part in a global CSR campaign called “Crown’s Golden Relay” throughout the year.

Each country organized its own CSR event to raise money, involving as many employees as possible. To reflect on a little history, every country held their event in the order that Crown opened. Once their activities completed, they “passed the baton” to the next country.

This initiative supported a common cause, local charities that fund children's education or health issues. The aim was to raise US$ 50,000 collectively as a company, then The Crown Foundation would match a percentage of the total global donations to fund a specific project for underserved kids.




Motivated people doing the best work of their lives

Crown is a global network with over half a century's worth of experience. We are at our best when we're working together, leveraging our employees’ expertise, creativity and diversity. It's this teamwork, this blend of ideas and cultures that allows Crown to provide the best service to all our customers, regardless of where they are in the world.

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