Sherry Liu - Group Vice President for Crown Relocations

As the Group Vice President for Crown Relocations, Sherry’s primary function is to oversee the operations of those functions as well as the fostering of all corporate business relationships

An American who has been with Crown since 1999, Sherry has relocated to four different countries in her time with the company, and is well-versed in the stresses and challenges that corporate families face during relocation. Her previous positions at Crown have included Branch Manager, Country Manager, General Manager (Shanghai, Hong Kong and Macau), and Quality Manager.

Sherry was chosen as a member of the Executive Management Group in 2015. Previously she was selected to participate in Crown’s exclusive Leadership Journey program, as well as the Crown 2010 Think Tank and IT Steering Committee. She has worked closely with Crown’s senior management for several years.

Sherry holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chinese and Asian Studies from Georgetown University.