Philip Britton - Group Vice President, Crown Records Management

Philip Britton has a wealth of knowledge and expertise, having started in the information management industry in 1989. As Crown’s Group Vice President of Records Management since 2001, his primary responsibility is to promote the benefits of records management to Crown’s clients, from implementation, to rolling out new procedures, to the promotion of ongoing best practices.
Philip’s role includes the development of new products and services, including the roll-out of new technology systems offered by Crown Records Management to its 170 management centers. The technology includes fully customizable, web-based systems with linkage via the "web cloud", and integration tools that provide clients with easy access to their records information. To support the Crown Records Management team, an account management tool supplies a faster and more accurate response to complex, multi-country service/rate requests, providing global, regional and local reports.
Another important aspect of Philip’s role is to share best practices such as health and safety, customer feedback procedures and operational efficiencies, including ISO processes and Management Center security systems.
Philip holds a BA Hons from the University of London. He is a past member of the International Board of Directors for PRISM International (Professional Records & Information Services Management). He currently holds a number of positions with various RIM industry organizations around the world who advise on industry standards. A particular strength of Philip’s is his ability to promote Crown’s procedures, best practices and high-quality systems throughout the network.