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Meet the team: George Mathew

How are you feeling about the trip?
Thrilllllllllllled  that I am even attempting such a thing.....almost unbelievable !!!!! And definitely apprehensive as well if I will make it to the top!

How is your training going?
Reasonably well I must say with a combination of gym / weekday early morning walks ranging from 7-15 kms / weekend walks 14-21 kms. In addition we have done some hikes , one of them a real tough one (as per my standards) to Jebel Qihwi in Oman ( a 11 hr marathon hike)...

Why are you doing this trip?
A Kilimanjaro climb was never on my bucket list but once I have started training for it and the fact that all the effort helps collect money for the unfortunate children suffering from Cancer, it has become a huge motivation. Locally in Dubai I am a very active member of a small charity group "Makingadifference in uae " so this really fits well with what I like doing.

How will you feel when you have completed the trip?
Over the moon ....I am sure and as I have been telling my friends and colleagues  , I will always try to have a "Kilimanjaro" in my life to aspire towards.