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Meet the team: Chantelle van Zyl

How are you feeling about the trip?
Very excited - cant stop talking about it! anxious...will we make it??  Not looking forward to the cold, but it will be a huge adventure.  We will be getting to the summit on Robin's 46th birthday so it will really be a special event for us.  Every shop I go to I am looking for advice and nick knacks to take along or make it easier.

How is your training going?
Very well.  Completed some very good full day hikes, as well as a few half days.  Training at the stadium....up the big stairs and down the small ones! Robin is also "hiking" an additional 3 times a week carrying some funny sticks while looking for a little white ball.

Why are you doing this trip?
Was always on the list, but never thought the opportunity would come up.  When it came up, and a charity was involved we jumped in Hiking Boots and all.

How will you feel when you have completed the trip?
Proud, tired, "on top of the world", not sure what will be next?  will it be the biggest achievement or will we plan for a bigger one (Not Everest tho!!!)