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Meet the team: Andy Marshall

How are you feeling about the trip?
Excited, nervous, scared! Overall, I would say the overwhelming emotion is one of anxiety. This is BIG!

How is your training going?
Petty good! Have broken my boots in by doing over 150km in them.  Been on regular walks at 5am in the morning with the crew in Dubai, climbed 1200m of Jebel Qhiwi in Oman and also Jebel Hafeet in the UAE. Training has been done in UAE, Egypt, Oman and Iraq of all places! Am on leave now and dropped off the training deliberately so when I get back to Dubai, can 'hit it' again.

Why are you doing this trip?
It seemed like a good idea at the time! For the experience, the ability to say "I did it!" but most of all, to give back to a charity. I am going to match all of my personal sponsors donations dollar for dollar and donate separately to a Thai children's charity also.  My fiancee is Thai and I lived there for almost 10 years, so I know that there is a need. A 'double whammie!'

How will you feel when you have completed the trip?
Exhilarated, proud, exhausted!....and likely wanting to either burn the boots or clean them up for Everest Base Camp or Mont Blanc! Who knows?!?