Hybrid-electric trucks and electric vehicles continue to allow Crown to better understand how investment in these energy-efficient technologies can best serve customers while reducing emissions. These trucks have smaller capacities and driving distance ranges but have proved well-suited to records retrievals and other small intra-city deliveries. Advancements in Solar Power and LED Lighting have also allowed Crown to investigate the fitting of low power, longer life LED units, and energy producing solar roof panels. With every new purchase Crown learns more about how to make these investments financially sustainable so that we can continue to expand their use around our world.

Carefully handling our earth

We know that our greatest impacts remain vehicle fuel and the electricity consumption at offices and facilities around the world. We’re also looking at how we can improve our packing materials and our waste management.

We are enhancing the systems used in all of these areas in a natural resources consumption database redesign. The database aim is to provide a consistent global view of business energy use with comparisons between locations, regions and time periods.

We continue to find solutions on how to better quantify and monitor our packaging consumption and waste globally. While geographically-varying practices in the packaging and recycling industries have posed significant challenges, we want to find meaningful metrics to help us better understand our performance in this area.

Crown is developing its Move Crew Handbook, a manual that is specifically targeted at the operational teams involved in packaging and protection of personal effects in transit. This manual contains guidance on products to use to provide the best protection at the same time as being sustainable. 

Since 2010, Crown has worked with a tree planting charity in Thailand “PATT”. In that time Crown employees have planted nearly 15,000 new trees.