As part of our commitment to data privacy, we have implemented new measures to protect your information. Emails containing confidential and personal information will now be encrypted.

If you are using Outlook Online or the latest version of Outlook, these emails will appear as normal. If you are using any other email client, then you will need to “sign-in” to read them. Once you sign in, you will see an email like this:

After clicking “Read the message” you will be asked to sign-in using either an account or a one-time passcode:

We recommend signing in using a one-time passcode unless you expect to regularly receive encrypted emails from us. If you expect to receive many encrypted emails from Crown staff, you can sign up for a Microsoft account (using your work email address as the username) to speed up your sign-in process.

Once you have authenticated yourself, you will be shown the email contents and any attachments.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the original Crown sender.

Note that for security purposes, you should always confirm the email header states the sender of the email is using a domain.