We’ve recently seen increasing demand to find new and innovative solutions towards minimizing the cost of an international assignment. This is re-enforced by a recent study undertaken by our consulting practice. This research indicates a growing trend towards providing assignees with a lump sum, and a degree of freedom in the services they purchase to support their relocation.

This research also shows that, in many organizations, there is a lack of technology to support the management of these policy types. It is estimated that around 40% of companies still manage Lump Sum policies using Microsoft Excel; without any dedicated technology platform. Employees indicated they were looking for autonomy and choice. They want to drive the relocation experience, retaining as much control as possible. To meet this demand Crown has developed an online tool called FLEX. FLEX gives assignees the ability to take ownership and keep track of the relocation process.

Grant Chapman, FLEX developer and manager says “Flex is a virtual application, enabling HR or mobility coordinators to manage assignment policies, offloading administration to efficiently balance budgets. Alongside this, It provides the added advantages of streamlining service partner engagement, enabling all involved to track progress at any time.  FLEX fundamentally simplifies assignment processes, leaving employees feeling more in control, with more choice and more visibility.” 

On both the corporate and individual level, the implications of tax legislation either in the U.S., where policy has changed, or in other parts of the world also fuels the need for a platform like FLEX. In the last two years 62% of companies added employee choice to their policies. Employers are keen to facilitate this, but at the same time don’t want to lose control entirely or sacrifice the experience. FLEX solves this challenge.

Grant went on to underscore the importance of FLEX “We see it as a step forward in seamlessly connecting Crown, our relocating employees and our Service Partners. As we develop the FLEX tool, we anticipate greater opportunity to service the lump sum assignee population and drive business growth. This will enable us to grow business with existing service partners while ensuring we deliver the best online experience possible.”  

If you need more information on FLEX, or how to get involved as part of its supply chain, please contact Stuart Lawson – Global Alliance Manager: stuartlawson@crownww.com