Hello everyone! I promised myself that I wouldn’t start this newsletter with “where did that year go?” But here I am saying it anyway! Perhaps it’s an age thing or, more likely, a reflection of the pace of business these days.

Sadly, I’m old enough to remember the days when we communicated through memos, fax machines and letters. Getting a reply would sometimes take weeks! Can you imagine that happening now?

The expectation of immediate response is all around us. Managing that successfully is key to developing business and meeting customer needs. As we’ve mentioned throughout the year Crown has been working on the development of several technologies that will support just that while, at the same time, give our customers an element of control that many desire. You can find an update on what we’ve been up to here.

To get us in the festive mood we thought it would be nice to find out how our partners celebrate Christmas around the world. It was great to receive replies that reflect the diversity of those working with us, while also reminding us that there are bonds that hold us together and make our partner network stronger! Are these celebrations the same as yours? – click here to find out!

It’s a time of the year when giving is high on the agenda. At Crown, staff have been giving throughout the year through a variety of community activities. Michelle Awala-Ale has pulled together a summary of the many great things staff have been doing over the year to give back to their communities. Click here to see what we’ve been up to. We’re proud of what we do in this area and hope that we can collaborate with more partners on projects that help local communities in the future.

If you’re like me, you’ll love a festive quiz – ours is a little different! We’re interested to know how much you remember about our messages throughout the year. Of course, you can always guess the answers – bribes to the organizers are not allowed! You’ll find our ‘end of year’ quiz here with an opportunity to win a £50 (or local currency equivalent) shopping voucher - get your answers back to us by January 10, to be in with a chance!

Leading up to the festive season, I was lucky to spend a few days in Iceland with my family and took some time out to pay a visit to our Household Goods Moving partner– Propack – to find out how the moving industry works on the edge of the European Community (I thought it might help our UK business, bearing in mind the upcoming Brexit!). Here’s what I found. 

However you celebrate the festive season, on behalf of Crown I wish you a happy time with friends and families. We truly appreciate the support you have given us, our Clients and their assignees during 2018 and offer our best wishes for a prosperous and peaceful year ahead!