We’re putting safety first!

Crown is open for business as usual and we have added enhanced safety standards for our services that give assurance to you, our valued customers, and to our own employees. Duty of Care is our top priority, and we are still committed to following local safety regulations wherever we are. Crown has a commitment to putting our customers and Crown staff at ease.

What can you expect?

This list gives you the basics of what you will find with a Crown-managed service:


  • Every employee is trained in our Safety Standards. New employees receive thorough induction as they are on-boarded.

  • Our employees have been upskilled to be equipped to give high-touch care remotely, to manage customer concerns, and to provide support related to health and safety questions throughout the process.

Options for contact-free services

  • “Contactless” engagement with customers is due to continue. The ideal scenario is to have a minimal number of customers and employees, based on service requirements, for either a sales or operational visit.

  • The option to have virtual household goods shipment surveys is always available.

  • We can provide services without your presence under some circumstances, such as a customer with increased risk conditions.

  • At your direction we will not unpack items from boxes.

Social distancing

  • Meetings in customers’ homes and places of business will be performed in line with local guidelines.

Health screening

  • We will complete a health and safety screening questionnaire with our customers before visiting their home or place of business to better ensure a safe working environment.

  • Crown crew members will have a safety screening questionnaire before visiting our customers’ homes and have their temperature checked at the start of each workday.

  • Our operation crews will be contacted by their supervisors during the day to ensure they are feeling well and not showing flu-like symptoms.

  • Our moving, workspace and records management crews have staggered start times to limit interaction at dispatch.

  • Whenever possible, our operational crews will work in the same two to three person units.

PPE and hygiene

  • All staff have been issued with their own Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). This includes masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, soap, and toolboxes. 

  • Regular hand washing with soap, or the use of hand sanitizer, masks and physical distancing remain the best way to prevent contagion.

  • Our vehicles are regularly sanitized.

Special note: The availability of PPE is a variable that could cause temporary adjustments to our safety procedures.

A safety-first approach is essential.

Crown understands that limiting interactions with others is the best defense against Covid-19. Let us know what you think about our core safety standards and tell us what your organization requires. We look forward to being of service and working together.