Crown Wine Cellars

Crown Wine Cellars provides for the storage, long-term maturation and enjoyment of wine in the most advanced facility of its kind in Asia. 

Located in Shouson Hill, an exclusive suburb on Hong Kong Island, Crown Wine Cellars lie within a park-like setting declared a UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Site. 

The facilities comprise six underground cellars and a private members clubhouse with two further underground bunkers and a conservatory.

The original development on the site was constructed prior to World War II by the British Military to serve as an ammunition and weapons storage depot. The site was originally known as the Central Ordnance (Munitions) Depot, and included 24 underground Bunkers, of which only 8 remain.

Owing to their intended purpose, the Bunkers are located approximately 20 meters below ground with 1-meter thick concrete walls and 12-meter long entrance passages. Despite these excellent natural cellar attributes, Crown Wine Cellars went further by introducing state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment to provide the ultimate cellar environment.

In order to assist the serious collection and future trade of wine, the essential cellar attributes of even temperature, balanced humidity, zero vibration and controlled light exposure have been brought together in virtual text-book perfection. In short, all wines cellared at Crown Wine Cellars enjoy unsurpassed provenance.