Crown Records Management

Crown Records Management is the corporate information management business of Crown Worldwide, serving large and small corporations around the world. 

Companies know that managing information effectively is valuable, but it can also be a costly headache. Fueled by the exponential growth of data, advances in technology, changes in regulation, cost efficiency drives, risk management and the need for competitive advantage, staying in control of ever-growing information is impossible without help.

Similarly, while the knowledge and experience locked in company archives is an asset that can underpin core business, extracting value from this asset can appear complex and daunting.

As an established global player, Crown Records Management is well positioned to help organizations meet the challenges of good information management in a fast changing world. Its combination of facilities, knowledge and insight into the opportunities of effective records management can bring order to a complex environment and create advantage.

The company manages over 20,000,000 cubic feet of business records and has grown to become the number one private company in this field. Its services include:

• Business information storage 

• Imaging, data conversion & data hosting 

• Secure destruction services 

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Corporate information needs careful handling to ensure its value is maintained