Throughout 2018, we’ve announced new technologies which aim to improve the way we connect with customers, broaden the services we offer and improve operational efficiencies. To end the year, here’s a brief update of progress. We’re excited about the value-add they will bring, as well as additional revenues and savings we expect to enjoy!

Crown Online Move Hub 

The Online Move Hub (OMH) is a customer portal that enables customers to manage their relocation process without having to make endless phone calls. It will also link our customers to Affinity Partners who provide services that they will benefit from during and after their relocation.

  • OMH has now been launched in the U.K., U.S. and Australia.
  • Four additional countries will go live by February 2019 and we aim to have all countries we have a presence in on board by the end of May.
  • We are continuing to seek Affinity Partners in all territories. If you have additional services that we’re not utilizing at present, but think could help, please let us know.
  • We are developing a new area on our Relocation website to promote Affinity Partners even if a customer chooses not to use our core services for their relocation.
  • In 2019 we will be creating a customer insights group. If you are interested in joining, please let us know.


ePacking technology is gaining popularity among packing crews working for specific Crown operations. Training is being rolled out in several locations:

  • In November our Group Systems Training Manager, Anastasia Vuong and U.K. Operations Manager, Chris Roake rolled out a series of ePacking training roadshows for Service Partners in the U.K.
  • Packing crews in Lyon and Toulouse have also received instruction A partner in Toulouse commented at the start of training “I’m sure I’m faster than your ePacking, I don’t need it”. At the end of the session he admitted: “It is very cool, I’m from the old generation of movers, but it is easy to use”.
  • During Q1 2019, ePacking will be rolled out to crews across the USA and we are looking forward to seeing the benefits from its application.

ePacking technology is currently available in four languages: German, English, Spanish and French. To express interest in participating in a training session please contact Stuart Lawson (

Crown Flex

Following its launch, some of our corporate clients expressed interest in using this tool. Flex has been designed to enable relocating employees – particularly those following a lump sum policy – to budget and select the services they need from ourselves and approved Service Partners.

  • A global pharmaceutical company intend to use the technology to manage their domestic relocation policy.
  • A major consulting company have chosen Flex as the tool to manage their lump sum assignees in the U.S. and Canada.