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 Dear Prem
I can confirm that I have received my shipment from Manchester, UK and my baggage / shipment was delivered at our home address in Hyderabad on 8th August 2013.
The shipment arrived at Hyderabad on 28th July. Your colleague Mr Jagan did collect my passports / documents to get Custom Clearance at ICD, Hyderabad.
I would like to thank you and your delivery guys (Keshav Ratnam & others) who did their best to deliver our goods at home. There was no damage to any of our goods. The staff were very professional and understanding. They took utmost care to unpack and keep / arrange the goods as per our choice and instructions.
I am extremely satisfied and delighted that we made the right choice in selecting Crown Relocations.
I would definitely recommend Crown Relocations to anyone who would be contemplating big move or relocation.
Thanks Prem, I appreciate the way things are handled throughout the process.
Best wishes
Dr Pradeep Subudhi


Testimonial Author: 

Dr Pradeep Subudhi
Manchester (UK) to Hyderabad (India)