Prepayment of port and freight charges to LATAM partners

General payment terms within the moving industry are 30 days following receipt of invoice. In keeping with our Partner agreements, the terms stipulated for payment to our partners are within 45 days upon delivery of services and receipt of a valid or undisputed invoice.

While this is true of general origin or destination services, recently there has been an increase by some partners, particularly in the LATAM region, in the expectation of prepayment as it relates to port charges and ocean/air freight charges and taxes/duties.

These charges can be very expensive relative to the country, size of shipment and ability by some partners to upfront these costs on our behalf.

Therefore, to avoid delays in transport and/or delivery of goods, we kindly ask that Crown offices expedite port and freight payments to our LATAM service partners upon request.

Once again this does not apply to origin or destination services however should a LATAM partner request prepayment of these, please notify me immediately.

HHG Air shipments to Panama – advice from Canal Movers

Customs is implementing a new regulation for AIR shipments coming to Panama. They are requesting that the residence card (temporary or permanent) from customer is already issued and available. Without the residence card they will not exonerate the shipment from duties and taxes and release it. There are now two options to clear air shipments: 

  1. To pay duties and taxes of approximately 22% of CIF value of the cargo.
  2. Dispatch only the shipment when customer gets his residence card.

This is effective immediately, please take in consideration for any AIR shipment coming to Panama from now on!

All HHG Shipments to Egypt

We’ve experienced difficulty with shipments into Egypt recently. Working with two separate Service Partners – AGS and Express International – our London and Singapore offices have been pressed to pay substantial fees for customs, terminal handling and demurrage, incurred due to delays in having the correct documentation completed by Egyptian authorities. Our Partners will not provide credit to us on such charges.

We do not, at this stage, have clear explanation for what are recently applied increases to customs fees and are investigating. We’ll provide clarity as soon as we have it from our partners. In the meantime, we encourage you to exercise caution in shipping into Egypt. Do not ship until you have the ‘green light’ to do so by the Partner and ensure that any monies paid by the Partner on our behalf are verified with official receipts.

Any instances where you need further assistance, please let us know.

Potential impact on services in Chile

We’ve been kept updated by our partner, Premier Destination Services, on events in Chile where there has been much civil unrest. In October, a state of emergency was announced in many regions of the country due to massive protests and riots. The government applied a curfew from 8pm to 6am and suspended transportation. There was considerable damage reported to buildings and property. Whilst it appears that the country is past the worst and the state of emergency lifted, protests and riots persist. The UN has intervened to mediate and bring a cessation to the current difficulties.

The current advice is to discuss the possible postponement of any home finding, orientation, school search services until the situation improves. We are advised that there may be delays experienced with the processing of immigration and other governmental documents. We will keep you informed as soon as we hear further news from this location.