Online Move Hub

“Our partners will play a big part of our growth strategy, so we are delighted to update you on the various ways you can be involved”, Emma Loveday, Global Head of Customer Experience for Crown Relocations.

The Crown Affinity Network

The two big changes that will shape the way we collaborate with our Service Partners are the scope of services we offer to self-funded customers and our digital innovation in the delivery of these services.

Part of our customer experience strategy is providing convenience for our customers and alleviating stress around moving. Instead of referring expat forums or other sources and then searching for companies, we want to provide customers with a list of recommended partners with services they are likely to need throughout the entire process. These partners will form the Affinity Network.

Key features of the Affinity Network include

  • A platform for your products and services promoted under your own brand to customers
  • No upfront costs to promote, we will work on a referral fee basis
  • Targeted promotion to the right customer profile
  • The possibility of joint marketing and other collaborative events

Unlike the traditional restrictions of our service partner arrangement, we will promote our affinity partners directly to the customers. Therefore, it’s essential that members of the network have a customer journey that caters to the needs of private customers.

Promotional opportunities

Promotion channels cover all stages of our customer journey, with opportunities for different products and services to be promoted at these key stages:

  • Website

Currently we promote selected affinity partners on our local websites, but we will be launching revamped partner pages with tracked links. This offers partners the opportunity to promote their brand to a wider audience of users who are relocating internationally.

  • Customer Portal

By the end of 2018 the Online Move Hub will be live in five of our major locations (UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong). Further rollout will follow in the first quarter of 2019, ultimately covering 65% of our private moving business.

Our Online Move Hub is a new way for us to deliver our services through a centralized portal which customers can access anytime and anywhere.

The hub has a dynamic content system, enabling us to present information (services, partners, helpful content and essential moving updates) that are relevant to each customer’s move profile. This gives you a fantastic opportunity for us to promote our partners in a targeted way that will result in increased business.

You can register interest in the Affinity Network by emailing Stuart Lawson, Global Alliance Manager or Emma Loveday, Head of Customer Experience for Crown Relocations