air freight sticker

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) recently audited airfreight consignments, finding a 70% failure rate regarding hazardous goods. As a result, carriers have cracked down on screening for all air shipments. 

For household goods (HHG) shipments, this means scrutinizing inventory and packing lists, alongside intensive electronic screening. Since those enhanced security measures were undertaken, many breaches of dangerous goods compliance have been uncovered with professionally packed HHGs for airfreight. The consequences of these breaches have been:

  • Carrier hold of airfreight until pack list items have been clarified
  • Carrier refusal of airfreight until pack list items have been clarified
  • Carrier refusal of airfreight after screening has shown prohibited items in shipment  
  • Carrier cancellation of interline agreements with other carriers for HHG air shipments

All these actions can mean delays, frustration and additional cost.

The IAM (International Association of Movers) recently published a dangerous goods list, which is attached. Please distribute and communicate with all personnel.

Top areas of non-compliance have been BATTERIES, TONER CATRIDGES, AEROSOLS, and FLAMMABLES.  Please ensure that these items have been removed from the shipment.  Confirmation that a shipment contains dangerous goods on examination will have greater carrier and TSA consequences in the future:

If batteries have been removed from the laptops, please indicate this on the inventory:                      

  • “No lithium battery/battery removed”
  • “Any electronics that would normally have a lithium battery, please indicate on the inventory of it being removed.”

Any printers, please indicate on the inventory: 

  • “No ink or toner cartridge/cartridges removed”

Any toiletries, please indicate on the inventory:

  • “No aerosols or flammable liquids  (i.e. hair spray or nail polish remover)”

Any cleaning products/supplies, please indicate on the inventory

  • “Non-hazardous/Does not contain aerosols or items containing bleach”

Sent on behalf of Franco Millunzi, Partner Relations Manager, Household Goods Moving