In the Service Partner Database, we have several statuses that reflects where a new Partner is in the qualification process. The Initiated status tells us that we have issued our online questionnaire to a newly created Partner in the database. The profile stays in Initiated status until the Partner has responded to our questions and have submitted their response for our review. At the beginning of July, we identified more than 1,000 profiles in the database in Initiated status. It’s likely that Crown operations had already started working with some of them which, of course, is in violation of Group Policy, or had created the profile and then decided not to work with the Partner.

The new supply chain support team has been in place since July and has been running a project to audit the database. You may have received some communication from them regarding proposed Partners that have not completed our qualification process. As you can see from the graph, there has been a significant decrease in profiles in initiated status/stagnant profiles of 61%. By the end of the year, we aim to have less than 10% of entries in the database remaining in Initiated status. The proposed Partners will either have responded to our questionnaires or will have been cancelled from our system.

Our market message is that we apply robust supply chain management processes that ensure competence, legal compliance and a responsible, ethical, approach to service provision. It is imperative that we stick to the processes that have been developed and the principles agreed upon by the Board. 

Most of the Initiated profiles were created by Crown operations. Your cooperation is vital to the continued progress of this project so, if you are contacted by the team, please take some time out to respond and collaborate in the achievement of our goal.  Thanks!