Acknowledged as one of, if not the world’s finest wine cellar facility, Crown Wine Cellars is dedicated to the meticulous handling, storage, long-term maturation and ultimate enjoyment of wine.

Nestled in a lush forest in an exclusive suburb in Hong Kong, this once dilapidated former military site boasts six pristine underground cellars and a private members clubhouse.

By virtue of their original intended purpose to provide safe and secure arms and ammunition storage, the bunkers are located 20 meters underground and enjoy secure construction, controllable humidity and temperature, as well as zero exposure to sunlight.

CWC took advantage of these natural qualities and optimized the site for professional wine cellaring by sympathetically installing a sluice door/air lock system, computerized climate control as well as introducing state-of-the-art security systems. These essential fine wine cellar conditions come together in virtual text book perfection ensuring that all wines cellared at Crown Wine Cellars enjoy unsurpassed provenance.

During the UNESCO-awarded restoration of the site, two of the original bunkers were converted into a clubhouse and a newly constructed glass conservatory was added, making this the only genuine underground Private Members' Club in Hong Kong. This unique, historically significant offering provides an extremely attractive personal and professional entertainment venue.

Crown Wine Cellars infographic