Crown London is proud to announce that it has become one of the first companies from the U.K. to receive approval from U.K. Border Force as an External Temporary Storage Facility (ETSF). In addition, we have achieved the status of Authorised Consignor/Consignee, meaning we can accept bonded shipments into our warehouse around the clock and can operate outside Customs working hours.

One of the biggest issues with importing personal effects into the U.K. is the Transfer of Residence (ToR) and the time it takes to attain this. If some clients sharing a Groupage container do not have a ToR, the container will be held at the port, incurring vast amounts of quay rent and demurrage. With Brexit still looming over the U.K., this process is taking longer and longer with ToR backlogs increasing and the trickledown effect of higher fees.

With ETSF approval, Crown London are able to collect the container straight from the port without waiting for all clients goods to be cleared, holding the non-cleared shipments under temporary storage regulations until the ToR is ready.  This means there will be less chance of incurring additional fees for demurrage or quay rent. For shipments held under bond, storage charges will apply, however, these will be charged at a special weekly rate rather than the shipping lines daily container holding rate, and only to the clients affected. Clients not affected will not be held up due to other clients’ lack of paperwork. This will really speed up and streamline the service that we offer to our clients. For further information please contact Jacob Dolan