David Muir
Executive Board Member

David Muir has been the Chief Executive Officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) since 2003 (after serving as CEO of the Americas since 1998). He was appointed to Crown’s Executive Board in 2000.

Overseeing Crown’s 75 operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, David shares worldwide responsibility with the Board for the strategic development and overall direction of the company, including the Crown Relocations, Crown Records Management, Crown Fine Art and Crown Logistics divisions.

David’s career in international relocations began in 1980 while chairing the Round Table, a charitable organization based in the UK. He was responsible for leading relief efforts to victims of natural disasters including an earthquake in southern Italy.

Before joining Crown, David was Managing Director for Allied Pickfords Moving Services in the UK. He joined Allied in 1990 as Marketing Director for Europe. His responsibilities included opening new operations, integrating acquisitions, and developing records management services.

In 1996, David joined Crown as Senior Vice President of the Western Region of the United States. He managed the opening of strategic new operations throughout the Americas including the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Chile. More recently the development focus has been on Africa and the Middle East. David is a regular speaker at industry related conferences and human resources seminars in Europe and USA.

David is a British national who travels extensively and is based in Prague, Czech Republic with his wife Audrey. They have four children. In 2009, David and his teenage son planted a Crown flag at the North Pole.