Another summer peak is behind us in the northern hemisphere and we are, at the time of writing, only 64 sleeps until Christmas for those that celebrate it. What a scary thought!

It’s also a time when business planning addresses the challenges that 2019 will bring. We are seeing some major shifts in client requirement that will require us all to be flexible in when and how services are delivered to assignees.  Talking of challenges, I completed one myself this summer, cycling 950 miles in nine days to cover the length of the U.K.  Raising funds for the charity CRY in the process. You can read more about that in the article inside this newsletter.

The ride taught me a few things about myself, but I also came out of it with a new mantra: “Every climb has its reward!”. It reminds me that even if the climb isn’t that tough, it’s worth doing but also that the greater the effort, the better the reward! I believe we can apply that to every activity that we undertake. Putting that extra effort in, going the extra mile to satisfy customers should be the norm for us all in this great industry.

In this edition, we’re addressing changing client needs in announcing the development of two technology platforms that will be cornerstones of Crown’s future whilst also serving the ”self-help” mobility community. The environment continues to be a focus for us and our Records Management business looks at how managing data processes can have a positive impact.

As part of our commitment towards improving awareness, there’s an important update about shipping airfreight consignments into the U.S. We’re also proud to shout about our successes at the Asia Pacific Region EMMA awards and, as the industry conference season is upon us, Lesley Putnam provides some tips about how to get the most out of them. And then there’s that cycle challenge!

Crown team members have been busy at this year’s IAM and ERC conferences and enjoyed catching up with some of you there. We always happy to receive feedback and ideas from partners we meet but also from those that we don’t get to see. If there’s anything you want to let us know about our partnership, please drop me a line at