It’s never an easy decision to stop providing services in a Crown territory through our own employees. The impact on our colleagues is always at the centre of our thinking but whatever the outcome, there is usually a need to maintain some service provision for our customers. This is where the Partner Relations team become involved.

Sometimes changing business models can be done relatively easily and swiftly. On other occasions it can be more difficult. If we are not already aware of other potential service providers, the Partner Relations team will, as a first step, consult with Crown management to identify competent companies to work with.

What are we looking for? Organisations that have a reputation for competence, legal compliance and a positive approach to risk management, holding all necessary insurance covers for the risks associated with service provision. And, of course, there’s pricing.

Once identified, discussions with potential partners ensue, our partner qualification process is initiated, contract terms and general rates are agreed. All contracting documents and rates can be found in the Library section of the Partner profile in our database. We will always seek options for our Account teams and offices to work with in each territory. Over a period of time, we can see which Partners are performing best and gradually feed more business through them and since pricing is usually driven by volume, drive lower cost.

In recent years, we have changed business model in Argentina, Chile & Costa Rica in LATAM, In the Middle East, we have completed the on-boarding of partners to work with in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman & Qatar. Most recently we have closed our mobility operations in Netherlands, although these are now being managed by our UK operation. We are currently working on a project to support service provision in South Africa and the wider Africa continent. Watch out for Group Announcements on the chosen partners shortly.

For details of the partners selected to replace Crown operations for provision in the territories named in the previous paragraph, go to the Service Partner Database link in SharePoint. Just search for the service you are looking for and the country where they are needed and look for partners that hold the Approved status. Click on their name and you’ll get to their profile.