To share our expertise with customers, we recently launched “Relocation Hacks”, a compilation of bite-sized guidelines to ease the stress of the relocation process.  

With a hundred things to do and a thousand things to think about, it can be difficult for our customers to know where to begin. Whether it’s moving for work, with the family, or planning a happy retirement, there is something for everyone to help make the process of moving smoother and easier! Some examples of the relocation hacks currently shared with customers:

Emotionally managing a move

  • Make a move ‘to-do’ list that’s helpful. Group tasks by date and rate them (1- 3) based on priority in a format that works for you. Check it daily and you’ll get them done in no time.
  • Want to keep that dress in perfect shape? Silica gel helps stave off rot if packed in with clothing. These can also be used in your fridge or freezer to help absorb moisture, or, if you don’t have silica gel bags handy, hang tea bags in these appliances.
  • Stay calm by packing heavier things you don’t require to hand well in advance. This reduces any potential stress closer to move day, when you’ll be worrying about other things.
  • Facing a language barrier after you relocate? Write down a few useful phrases – such as directions and ordering food. This smooths the process of settling in substantially.
  • Save time unpacking. Use colored stickers for your boxes and assign different colors for different rooms. You’ll get set up in your new home far more easily.
  • Make sure you know what you’ve packed and where. Take a photo of the contents of each box; if you need to find something later, there’ll be no frustrated digging.
  • When travelling, have what you need most to hand. Make up a bag of essentials – documents, chargers, toothpaste, spare clothes and medicines. Handy too, if you have an unplanned hotel stop.
  • Be prepared to unpack in advance. Take a spare set of Allen keys in your backpack. The moment you unpack you’ll be ready to start putting the pieces back together.

Packing and getting organized

  • Ensure your freezer is ready for your move, defrost it 48 hours before you move, and make a memorable meal from the contents.
  • Avoid passport pain. Check your passport now, and if it’s due to expire soon, renew it now so that you can travel worry free.
  • Save space packing clothes. Leave them in their drawers and when you arrive at your new destination, your clothes will all be in the right place.
  • Avoid tangled wires. Thread wires from electrical items through toilet rolls, so you don’t end up getting frustrated untying knots when you arrive.
  • Transport heavier items more easily. Put them in your suitcases, instead of clothes. The wheels on suitcases will help you carry around bulky stuff.
  • Save time getting the TV sorted. Take a picture of the cable set-up you have before you pack it – so when you eventually get to relax, it’ll be easy to set it up again.
  • Protect your breakables by putting them in socks or wrapping them in towels and soft clothing. It’s a smart way of packing that saves you buying extra packing materials.
  • Know what your boxes contain at a glance. Label the sides of the boxes rather than the top. Even when they’re stacked up you’ll know which one you need.

These hacks draw upon an incredible wealth of internal expertise to reduce moving stress and you can find out more about our expertise here. Do YOU have some relocation hacks you would like to share- Email your hacks to, with the subject line: Relocation Hack. We look forward to receiving them!