We are committed to treating our employees fairly. In addition to complying with local employment laws, we support the labor principles of the UN Global Compact, including:

  • Equal opportunity employment
  • Prohibiting child labor
  • Prohibiting mistreatment by workplace bullying
  • Prohibiting sexual harassment
  • Prohibiting retaliation to employee seeking to invoke his/her rights

These policies are detailed in our formal Code of Conduct which documents a zero-tolerance for discriminatory practices, forced labor or the employment of children under 16 years of age, all of which Crown views as violations of basic human rights.  Our Code of Conduct is acknowledged annually by all employees; any suggested violation of these principles will result in investigation and corrective action.

Crown’s Group Vice President of Human Resources and our global HR team maintain and manage these labor policies.

Diversity and Inclusion have been a greater focus for Crown in recent years. Crown currently employees staff from 83 countries, of which women represent over 40%.  This gender balance is reflected in all levels of the company:  in 2015, females fill 41% of all management positions and 44% of Crown’s Executive Management Group members are women.  Gender balance remains a strategic priority for Crown in 2016.

Crown's Employee Engagement Survey

In 2015, Crown’s HR team conducted the Company’s first global Employee Engagement Survey. 65% of employees participated and stated the following:

  • “Crown as a great place to work” – 82% responded yes
  • “Crown provides a good and safe environment” – 87% responded yes
  • “Crown enabled me to make a difference and contribute to the company’s success” – 90% responded yes.
  • “I am aware of Crown’s values and try to build them into everything I do” – 90% responded yes


Overall employees around the world responded that they most valued:

  • Company culture and work environment
  • Teamwork, team members and coworkers
  • Convenience, freedom, flexibility and work-life balance
  • Company, brand, reputation, values and CSR