The next 2015 World Mobility Perspectives is out now!

We’re excited to announce the release of our next Perspectives, entitled “Temporary assignments on a Local Package – can it be done?”, The next 2015 World Mobility Perspectives is out now!available to download now.

As companies continue to expand and grow globally, so do the needs of their international assignments. The traditional “one size fits all” home country balance sheet based policy has been the backbone of long-term assignments for many years. However, this policy may no longer suit the variety of new assignment types emerging.

Written by Lisa Johnson, Global Practice Leader of Crown World Mobility’s Consulting Group, this white paper discusses non-traditional assignment approaches – specifically Local, Local Plus and Expat Lite. It provides an overview of the drivers of these approaches, the challenges, and some options and tips to consider when deciding if any of these alternatives are right for your organization.

The Perspectives series is a reflection of Crown's in-depth knowledge. Topics include trends, latest happenings in the mobility industry and any related interesting challenges that industry professionals are facing. To read other articles in the Perspectives series, visit the Insight section of our World Mobility site.