Srinivas Krishnan featured in CIMA magazine, Memberspeak section

Crown's Managing Director of India, Srinivas Krishnan, was featured by Chartered Institute of Management Accounts (CIMA), the world's largest body of professional management accounts, in their June publication. The article, titled, "Memberspeak: Srinivas Krishnan" describes Mr. Krishnan's various leadership roles throughout his journey with the Crown Worldwide Group, and how he has become a mentor to his colleagues around the globe. Krishnan also gives an in-depth testimony on how his experience as a CIMA member has greatly impacted his growth as a professional in the global market. 

Krishnan, an expert in business practices, said about his CIMA membership, "CIMA gives us excellent exposure in application of management concepts in practice. It has helped me develop my skills for the same and has definitely boosted my growth as a professional."

The publication not only describes Krishnan's commitment to excellence, but the entire Crown Worldwide Group as "committed to continuing the QUEST for service quality excellence." The article goes on to say, "to demonstrate this commitment, Crown developed the QUEST Quality Management Programme and implemented it as Crown Worldwide's global quality programme. It is also meant for developing the most effective technology in order to drive quality up and costs down. Crown continues to design innovative services to support clients' needs."