Out now! Our brand new UK records management Perspectives white paper on EU General Data Protection Regulation

Everyone knows Data Protection laws have been around for years; but are you ready for the changes in store?Records Management Perspectives

A recent vote, in the European Parliament, brings forward new laws that are likely to take effect in 2015 - and now is the time to act!

Good information governance can only exist when a business knows what data it collects, who and where the data comes from, where it is stored, how it is used and what it is used for.

This article, written by Crown's John Culkin (Director of Information Management) recognizes the value of protecting "corporate memory" and discusses six key areas in which businesses can prepare for all
eventualities in an ever-changing data environment. These steps will not only place companies and organizations in good stead for when the new EU Data Protection Regulation finally becomes enshrined in law, but will also have a positive impact on operational health.

To read the Perspectives white paper "Leaving the digital Stone Age behind: How to prepare for the EU General Data Protection Regulation" in PDF format, please click on thisĀ link.

Are you ready to leave the digital Stone Age behind and start preparing for the new EU Data Protection Regulation?

Join us at our round table session on Wednesday, June 25, at the AIIM Forum UK - London, and discover ...

  • How to prepare for the new EU Data Protection Regulation
  • How the new law may affect businesses
  • New rights in the pipeline for customersĀ 
  • The benefits of any changes

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