Locally and Globally Responsible

What does it mean to be a “socially responsible” company?

Is it organizing volunteering activities, supporting charity drives, publishing net-zero plans, or establishing diversity targets? Or is it something more, an underlying philosophy that reflects the fundamental values of an organization, enabling everyone you work with, from senior management to interns, to work towards all these things on a day-to-day level, in all communities where we’re on the ground?

When Crown was founded almost 60 years ago, one of the crucially important things our Founder wanted to embed was the idea that we would invest into the communities where we had a presence. While it’s important that we also have a global focus, and indeed at Crown we contribute to global causes, our immediate impact with our offices, trucks and warehouses is very much on local communities and environments.

How we tackle this, our commitment, among others, is detailed in our latest annual Corporate Social Responsibility report. Looking back at some of the amazing ways our employees have helped support communities, it also covers progress across all our CSR commitment areas such as Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I), employee wellbeing, sustainability, and environmental performance.

In this edition of our online bulletin, we look at: 

  • 2022 CSR report - reporting on 2021 results

  • Top 3 Global Mobility Trends and Innovations in 2022

  • Ten things you must do before moving overseas: checklist

  • Tomorrow's Workspaces Today

  • Secure Destruction in 2022

2022 CSR report - reporting on 2021 results

2021 was a year adapting to new ways of working and giving back. Read about our stories and more in our 2022 CSR report, reporting on 2021 results.

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Top 3 Global Mobility Trends and Innovations in 2022

How has Covid had a long-reaching impact on the Global Mobility industry? Looking at inclusion, cooperating and sustainability for the 2022 priorities.

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Ten things you must do before moving overseas: Checklist

We’ve distilled down the advice from our experts in relocation into an easy to manage ten-step checklist of the very most important things you need to consider before you relocate internationally.

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Tomorrow’s Workspaces Today

Our latest whitepaper explores how to build a flexible future together as employers are deciding where their employees will be working the coming years.

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Secure Destruction in 2022

How do you ensure data that needs to be destroyed, actually is? We look at the established methods of secure destruction.

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