Launch of the Perspectives Series with World Mobility Perspectives

Introducing the Perspectives, a series of white papers that shares insight and showcases the depth of knowledge Crown has accumulated over the years in all of our industries. The  Perspectives' topics will include trends, latest happenings and any related interesting issues or challenges the industry's professionals are facing. The inaugural series of the Perspectives is the World Mobility Perspectives. There are six issues of World Mobility Perspectives planned for 2013. 

The World Mobility Perspectives Issue 1: January 2013, "The Changing Trends in International Assignments," offers an insider view of the recent trends in the global mobility industry on international assignments. The article outlines the 11 most popular assignment types and provides details related to each. It also provides an assessment on which assignment type would be most appropriate for specific business needs. This issue, along with other World Mobility Perspectives planned for 2013, will be a helpful tool in providing knowledge and strategic support to our customers. 

Click here for a downloadable copy of the first issue of the World Mobility Perspectives, The Changing Trends in International Assignments.  Please read and enjoy the wisdom Crown World Mobility has to offer.