How technology is helping drive us forward

Over the past decade, we've been investing in technology for the benefit of our customers and our staff. We're not alone in this of course, our industry is increasingly looking for technological solutions to help simplify complex logistical problems.

Navigating the post-Covid 19 world isn't going to be easy - whether it's helping people, and their belongings, to relocate safely and smoothly anywhere in the world or carefully managing critical business information or striking that delicate balance between working from home and office while still achieving effective business collaboration. What is easy, is to recognize that Digital transformation in all these areas is essential if we are to address the needs of a turbulent world with agile solutions to help us all live, work, and do business in a simpler way.

At Crown, we're adopting technology to help us, and our customers, move faster and more seamlessly, have an iron clad control over data within their organization and provide flexible working environments for employees.

In this edition, we look at: 

  • How money transfer services are making relocating abroad easier

  • How technology works to keep your records secure

  • How new office fit-outs are emphasizing stability

As we progress throughout the year, we'll be publishing more about how we're currently using, and planning to use technology to make things simpler, so keep an eye out for future bulletins.

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