Happy UN International Day of Charity

To mark the occasion, we reflect on Crown’s charity work in communities across the globe 

Employees from the Hong Kong team cooking a meal for the Hong Kong Refugee Centre
Employees from the Hong Kong team cooking a meal for the Hong Kong Refugee Centre

In 2016, 2,479 Crown employees gave up their time to help a local organization or raise money for charity. This great work has continued into 2017 as each employee is given two days to volunteer each year. To mark the UN’s International Day of Charity, we spoke to Rosa Santilli, Group CSR Manager, about the charity culture at Crown and some of her favorite employee-driven charity events.

Why is charity work such an important part of being a Crown employee? 

I think it boils down to our Founder and Chairman Jim Thompson’s leadership as a philanthropist and how he has made giving back part of who we are at Crown. Our very values embody this – Caring, Sharing, There – and are embedded into everything we do. This leads to Crown employees naturally wanting to be involved in supporting charitable activities. 

What makes Crown’s approach to giving different? 

One of the most inspiring things at Crown is that our employees are able to make decisions on what causes matter to them in their location. This means we can work with a diverse range of charities and NGOs that are directly relevant to the local communities in which our employees live and work. Around 87 percent of our charity work involves local communities, allowing our employees to feel connected to organizations that may impact their lives or the lives of those who matter to them. 

Could you give us some examples of the inspiring charity work that goes on at Crown? 

I really love the work our Hong Kong office is doing with the Salvation Army. For the past three years, they’ve been running a Gift Box program, donating over 800 boxes of items to needy families. Another employee in Hong Kong really inspired us all when she was awarded US$ 100 to spend on a team dinner to celebrate their charity work and ended up using the money to cook a delicious meal for refugees and volunteers at the Hong Kong Refugee Centre. 

In Texas, U.S. our staff not only volunteered at an Ironman fundraising event, they also took the initiative at the end of the event to save left over food and drink for a good cause. Seeing that 13,000 lbs. of perishables were going to be thrown away, the team hauled the goods to the local Houston Food Bank. 

What special events are coming up for CSR in 2017? 

In 2015, Crown celebrated its 50th birthday and to commemorate held the Golden Relay where offices around the world took turns to raise money for charitable causes. Over US$ 100,000 was raised. As a thank you, the Crown Foundation donated US$ 50,000 – US$ 10,000 for each decade of Crown’s life. We then asked employees to nominate charities supporting underserved children and young adults and who met one of Crown’s core values. Five selected charities, who will share the donation, will be announced in the coming weeks and we look forward to seeing how funds will be used to help children and young adults in communities around the world. 

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