Focusing on Employee Experience

As we begin the year, we look at the blurred boundaries of Employee Experience (EX) that have put remote and hybrid working at the forefront of discussions. But supporting a better EX goes far beyond flexible working practices.

Through the effects of COVID, we’ve seen a call for empathy, a growing intolerance for inequality and an urgency to act on climate change. Organizations are now faced with tall orders to build a desirable work culture to attract and retain top talent.

At Crown, we also support the theory of Purpose in business, and how an authentic, lived Purpose can result in higher employee morale and engagement. In a recent podcast, our Head of Insight discusses how we unearthed, measured and embedded Purpose into the business – making a tangible link between the Employee and Customer Experience.

It’s also the focus of our latest white paper and on-demand webinar below. In both we explore the increasingly important role of EX for engagement and performance – and how company culture, industry, technology and employee populations impact EX priorities in Global Mobility. We also provide an action plan for improving EX within Mobility programs and teams.

As we start 2022, we’re ready to respond with you as new demands emerge and to accelerate innovation in this space.

Webinar: Employee Experience priorities for Global Mobility 

Webinar revealing what Global Mobility professionals anticipate in terms of EX trends.

Watch the on-demand webinar

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